Saturday, December 1, 2012

Namu Street Food - San Francisco, CA

We are at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market and I made my pick of ramen so Mr. Piglet goes to wander around to see what his choice will be.  It takes a while since there's a lot of choices - not just vendors but food items.  Each stand has their own little specials and Mr just can't decide!  Come on now!  We have the rest of San Francisco to explore!!
Mr finally settles on a Korea fusion stand Namu Street Food, an offshoot of Namu Goji, a family run joint (3 brothers) that prides itself on New Korean American food.  We're not sure what that means but it looks like they serve a mix of Korean foods with other cultures such as Chinese and Mexican.  The pictures on the menu look great and the smells emanating from the tent are amazing.  Done.  
Kimchee Fried Rice - $9
Housemade kimchee, koshihikari rice, 4505 hot dog, bacon and onions
This was Mr. Piglet's pick and I have to admit I'm a bit jealous.  This smells amazing!  The rice is cooked perfectly and everything tastes really good.  It may have been a long wait but this was totally worth it, especially when we got it made fresh.  Although the bacon is lost a bit, there's lots of heat with some sweet (I don't know from where), lots of sausage pieces (I'm a fan of this 4505 meat!), the egg was cooked well and we loved the spice and saltiness from the kimchee.  We would totally recommend this to everyone!

The "Real" Korean Tacos - 1 for $3
Ssam style "taco", seasoned rice, daikon and kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, homemade teriyaki sauce, folded into Japanese and Korean toasted seaweed
Phew!  What a long description!  Too bad the Asian taco was just okay.  The beef was cooked really well and tender with nice seasoning, the rice is nicely seasoned and cooked but it was difficult to eat together because the seaweed was so chewy and tough.  Maybe if they had served it within tortillas with seaweed seasoning or seaweed mixed in the tortilla itself would be better.  The salsa also didn't match the taco components - it's an Asian taco with regular salsa?  Or an Asian salsa that just tastes like regular salsa?  Probably wouldn't get this next time - should've gone with the Korean fried chicken!

A great blend of ideas and flavours - the tacos were meh, the fried rice blew our minds but both dishes were an interesting blend of East, West and Latin flavours.  The only regret I have is not eating their Korean fried chicken (kfc) - next time Namu!  Bon appetite!

  • Delicious fried rice
  • Friendly service
  • Moderate prices
  • Cash only
  • Long wait for street food - about 15 minutes
  • Tacos were meh

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