Friday, August 10, 2012

Mallard Ice Cream - Bellingham, WA

Mr. Piglet and I usually don't have time to get dessert when we're in Bellingham - usually it's shop, eat and go.  But today is different...  today is the second day of the start of our vacation time off together and we wouldn't normally be here except for a lingering Macy's bill I have to pay off.  That's all I'll say about that Macy's bill because it just makes my blood boil.  Argh!  Okay, onto the dessert!
Mallard Ice Cream is a beloved ice cream institution in Bellingham - the ingredients are fresh, organic and locally sourced and the ice cream is handmade and hand-packed.  What does that mean?  They process their own ingredients by hand, then they blend it with a base mix that comes from a dairy in Portland that consists of only cream, milk, eggs, sun-dried cane juice, guar gum and carreegaan (the last two being natural ingredients that help stabilize the whole schbang).  Mallard then churns their ice cream using an ice and salt method - something about ice lowering the temperature of the ice cream and churned slowly so that small ice crystals form.  I didn't do well in science so that just flew over my head.  Suffice to say, Mallard is VERY proud of their ice cream my friends.  Pride in a product means I'm in for a treat so Mr. Piglet and I get in and give it a shot.

White Russian - $4
Why did Mr. Piglet order this?  Because the description said that it was Geordi Laforge's favorite flavor (it's a Trekkie nerd thing).  So what's a White Russian?  White chocolate with espresso.  Was it good?  Heck yeah!  Smooth ice cream with white chocolate and espresso flavor layered throughout.  

Coconut Chocolate Chunk with Almonds - $4
One bite and I'm in LOVE.  Move over Mr. Piglet because this cone has just taken your place.  Smooth ice cream again but this one has toasted almonds and chocolate chunks for a nice crunch and then creamy smooth coconut flavor.  I think this is an excellent combination and I'd be ready to buy a pint of it the next time we visit.  Mr. Piglet likes this one better than his pick.  Ha!  He's crazy if he thinks he's getting in on my cone...

And if you like spicy, there's a Ghost Pepper Chocolate made from the hottest pepper on the earth, also known as the bhut jolokia.  People have died eating the peppers...  So how does it taste?  Mr and I tried a bite and the chocolate is super rich but then a heat comes on and then your whole mouth and throat is on fire.  Awesome!  I can't imagine eating a whole cone of this but if you like your spice, you're not a man until you've had this ice cream.  Ha!  The ice cream at Mallards is just excellent overall and if you have the time, take the 5 minute drive over from your shopping and give it a shot.  Oh ice cream...  how we love you so much but you make us so fat.  Bon appetite!

  • Great original flavors available
  • Organic, local and fresh ingredients used
  • Really good ice cream
  • Cash or checks only (who would write a check for ice cream??)
  • Long lines during nice days and prime dining hours - waits of up to 45 min!
  • Hot and cold service - friendly and then not so much...  weird.

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